In an effort to streamline our services, Launchpad has been sunset. All of the services contained within Launchpad can be found elsewhere.
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Launchpad History
The Launchpad team consisted of Gregory Reynolds, John Sully, Pam Hlavin, & Ron Ryan. We want to thank them for all of the time and creativity they put into making Launchpad such a success over the years!
Launchpad was created in August of 2009 to replace MyCase. Launchpad consisted of 3 major parts: CWRU's webportal, iGoogle (Google's portal service), and Case Mobile (which allowed for our portal to display on mobile phones with small screens and limited bandwidth). All 3 services integrated CWRU's iGoogle (Google's portal service) portlet widgets, which empowered us to write once and run anywhere.
Over the next few years Launchpad's catalog of widgets grew to meet the demand.
Launchpad went through it's first major upgrade in early 2013 to upgrade all of the widgets with modern web technology to as Google sunset iGoogle.
Several iterations and additions continued through the next few years.
In early 2017, Launchpad was heavily upgraded with a mobile first strategy to merge Launchpad and Case Mobile into a service that used responsive web design to display fluidly on all screen sizes.
In July of 2020, Launchpad was sunset to free up resources for new services and initiatives.